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Why such tight constraints? Just seventeen syllables Can’t possibly work.   — — —   Haikus, in my opinion, are one of the best ways to write a poem. It’s short, it’s simple, it’s pure genius! The best part is having to express your poetic thoughts in only seventeen syllables and the intense brainstorming that […]

Like traffic, the busy fumes of a clogged heart do not seek solace. The many earthly loves do not help, The world in all it offers is mute, and it fills none; it empties.   But like key into lock, some Great Wind, strange and compelling, strikes you into a known whirlwind, strong and solid; […]



today I bought a doll with bubbled cheeks and silken lips and hair like dust in sunshine.   clothed in plain cotton smudges on its shoes and its soul shined through its porcelain eyes.   we play together like friends from birth soul mates siblings lovers.   today I bought a new doll with eyes […]

Windy day


The prettiest sight I have ever beheld: The weightless leaves At every second, held Mid-flight, then scurrying, In a flurry of hurry Chasing each other No time for introductions Just silent laughter As rustling echoes Impatient in the wind Dicing cold air With leaps and spins The settle a moment – But only a  moment […]

Flicker, Flutter, Grey-brown smudge of movement light, Haphazard like zig-zag, only with solemn intent, Ticker-tacker! Little wings beat Striking window in frantic heat.