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today I bought a doll with bubbled cheeks and silken lips and hair like dust in sunshine.   clothed in plain cotton smudges on its shoes and its soul shined through its porcelain eyes.   we play together like friends from birth soul mates siblings lovers.   today I bought a new doll with eyes […]

Remembering those days from behind a clouded veil, when I laughed cheekily and you laughed back.   The trembling wooden carving painted red and gold, behind this passion marked such a flimsy love that was doomed to end.  

Was just a wisp.   A tender moment in which we leaned our weary heads together, a firmament of assurance in which our tired souls rejoiced, for we were broken.   Was just a brush of hands, like leaves that fall shyly about each other in Autumn’s dampening chill.   Together, we braced Winter’s displeasure, […]



a resonating warmth greets my toes, as I splash tap water to bathe my dusty feet. as I wash, the pail is beautiful and familiar in my hands, and it smiles at me. in the house, every room smells of memories, blankets, and the spin of the fan, soothing the simmering heat. an ancient clock […]