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Glancing into the pondwater, I see not the water beneath bursting with slippery life; Nor the dark grey rocks glistening with moss. I see instead an exquisite face! Looking coyly out from its watery throne, amused slightly; deep brown curls roll splendidly past two perfectly pink cheeks. Full lips — like petals — crown a […]

Why such tight constraints? Just seventeen syllables Can’t possibly work.   — — —   Haikus, in my opinion, are one of the best ways to write a poem. It’s short, it’s simple, it’s pure genius! The best part is having to express your poetic thoughts in only seventeen syllables and the intense brainstorming that […]

Now you’re probably wondering why I am the worst poem in the world. I am about to tell you.   Because I am literal. I am shallow. I have no beautiful inner meanings. You can’t,  “read between my lines.” I don’t use big words. I have speling misteaks.   I have no form or interesting […]

Windy day


The prettiest sight I have ever beheld: The weightless leaves At every second, held Mid-flight, then scurrying, In a flurry of hurry Chasing each other No time for introductions Just silent laughter As rustling echoes Impatient in the wind Dicing cold air With leaps and spins The settle a moment – But only a  moment […]

To forget


Is to leave the mind, to close that door left carelessly ajar.   Is to cool old anger into pale ghosts and sweep them away.   Is to fight the soft urge to drown in pity and in strange embrace.  



I saw a man walk down the street, ‘Twas sunset on North Terrace, His shoes were shiny, hair was neat, Bedecked in grey suit flawless. He armed himself with flowers fresh Clasped in a pink bouquet, A grin of hope and teeth that flashed Completed his array. But woe is he! He fails to see […]

Flicker, Flutter, Grey-brown smudge of movement light, Haphazard like zig-zag, only with solemn intent, Ticker-tacker! Little wings beat Striking window in frantic heat.