About ‘Verse for the Cynical’

Is the title misleading?

This humble collection of poems was created not for ridicule or satire’s sake, but rather to soothe the mind and heart of today’s typical cynic.

The guinea pig of the anthology is yours truly. I peer into the depths of my cynicism, which I consider to be of a very severe variety, and I diagnose myself, much like a medical doctor would diagnose an illness. I examine my weaknesses, complexes and mental wounds, and I write what is required to empathize with them, or even just to encourage and assure myself — assure myself that there is indeed a remedy.

I would not go so far as to extrapolate my interest in poetry into an obsession. It is not.

I will say, however, that for me, writing poetry is extremely enlightening and therapeutic, and provides that elusive escape we all seek relentlessly.


This website and its content is copyright of Hui Linn Lee – © Hui Linn Lee 2010. All rights reserved.


4 Responses to “About ‘Verse for the Cynical’”

  1. 1 Sara

    HEYYYYY! 😀

    I love reading your poems 😀 They are simple, yet amalgamates the complex depths of life.
    Keep writing beautifully!

    Sara 🙂

    • 2 Linn

      Thanks Sara! I look forward to reading some of YOUR poetry 😉

      Start a blog or something, yeah? I’m looking for other good poetry blogs that I can subscribe to. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this intro to you and explaination of you most intriguing blog title. I agree about poetry too. For me, I often feel that I don’t really know what I think until I writer it. It’s many things. On my site, if you scroll a few posts down, you will find an interview of the Enligh poet, Myra Schneider. You just might enjoy it.

    Thank you for the gift of sharing yourself with us through the gift of your poetry.

    Poem on …

    • 4 Linn

      Thanks for reading this page, Jamie 🙂 I did put much consideration and time into writing this part. People may say that poetry is a rare gift, but I think we can see poetry everywhere, no? We just need to know where to look.

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