Vain efforts


How do we stop

a biting criticism

before it bursts through

the doors of our mind?


How do we stop

that murderous feeling

of jealousy, hate,



How do we keep

these frail, pale cheeks

from turning a

weak and bashful red?


How do we withdraw

those brimming tears;

can we bridle them,

pull on their reins?


How do we snatch

our spiralling heart

pushed to its demise

by a mere Glimpse?


How do we seize

such careless words

spoken in a fury

like stripe on bare back?


6 Responses to “Vain efforts”

  1. lovely wonders, aptly put…

  2. Beautiful write, well done!

  3. How indeed? Love first …

    • 6 Linn

      I think many people, including myself, need to learn how to do that. Yes…

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