When the heart turns soft and beholds


Like traffic, the busy fumes

of a clogged heart do not

seek solace.

The many earthly loves do not help,

The world in all it offers is


and it fills none; it



But like key into lock, some

Great Wind,

strange and compelling, strikes you

into a known whirlwind,

strong and solid;

a phenomenon

of epiphany

and it is realised!

It is felt from your depths,


This is what the beginning was.

This is what it always will be.


7 Responses to “When the heart turns soft and beholds”

  1. Oh lovely! You have such strong emotional effect. The images are not clear, like seen through mist…or very delicate wafer thin paper…but the impact is like breathing cool, spring, air. Very nice.

    • 2 Linn

      A really insightful comment 🙂 Yes, I read my poem over again a couple of times and you’re right, it does have that faint, misty effect. Thanks for stopping by, Kolembo!

  2. Very beautiful spiritual poem. I love the image of the Holy Spirit as wind. You are so wise for being so young. Blessings.

    • 4 Linn

      Yes, I suddenly felt the need to express the power and substantiveness of the Holy Spirit as compared to earthly or material things. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments!

  3. divine sentiments..

    love your words…

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