I bought a doll

with bubbled cheeks

and silken lips

and hair like dust in sunshine.


clothed in plain cotton

smudges on its shoes

and its soul

shined through its porcelain eyes.


we play together

like friends from birth

soul mates





I bought a new doll

with eyes like mating butterflies

and a head of black velvet

rosy cheeks and rouged lips.


clothed in white silk

and a hat of ribbon

a secret smile

dances across its face.

and we play together

like strangers on a park bench

with nervous flutters

of our lashes.


but I think of my first doll

the doll I first loved

lying somewhere, unattended




and I weep.



7 Responses to “sentiments”

  1. ‘…hair like dust in sunshine..’


    • 2 Linn

      Thank you! If I may say so, that’s one of my favourite phrases too 🙂

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  3. Lovely poem,well written!

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    • 6 Linn

      Haha thank you. Yes, I am already joining the rally! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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