At face value: the worst poem in the world


Now you’re probably wondering why

I am the worst poem in the world.

I am about to tell you.


Because I am literal. I am shallow.

I have no beautiful inner meanings.

You can’t,  “read between my lines.”

I don’t use big words.

I have speling misteaks.


I have no form or interesting structure.

No rhythm, and no rhyme.

I’m not a “sonnet”, or a “haiku”.

Not even a limerick. I am nothing.


I wasn’t written by anyone famous.

I never graced the pages of any anthology,

just hastily scribbled on some newspaper.

I am a careless thought.

I have already been forgotten.


I wish I could pull heartstrings,

I wish I had advice.

I also wish I had inspiration to give out,

Or just touch a few hearts.

Cause some tears to fall

And they’d be all because of me.


But I never will.

Because I am not acceptable.

I don’t meet people’s requirements.

I just don’t work, no.


19 Responses to “At face value: the worst poem in the world”

  1. ‘…a careless thought. i’ve already been forgotten.’

    made me smile this. i’m thinking about my daily post and wondering whether to write on War or Love, and this reminds me, whatever it is, to just post it. Forgotten already.

    I’ll toss a coin.

    • 2 Linn

      I’m glad that line caught your eye 🙂 when I wrote this poem I was thinking along the lines of misfits in society. Do we always need to conform to the status quo to be accepted? Surely this poem is still a poem, even if it isn’t the best one?
      If I were you, I’d write on Love, just ’cause there’s so much more hope in that 🙂

  2. 3 William James

    Well, if you’re producing “The Worst Poems In The World”, I guess I can start planning my renaissance as something slightly loftier, LOL. Thanks for the
    assist, and I enjoyed your effort.

  3. ah! the paper is the platter in which your ideas storm! if you ask me. i would say you are potentially a poet at heart! thanks for sharing! here’s mine for this thursday..

    • 6 Linn

      Aw thanks! I’m so subscribing to your blog 🙂 I love reading a good poem! Thanks for sharing too.

  4. Awesome! I write in that manner (minus the newspaper) because I just don’t know any other way. 😮

    Thanks for sharing! Here’s my Poets Rally poem:

    • 8 Linn

      Thanks for sharing your poetry blog! I’m subscribing 🙂 I’ll be writing more poetry soon, so if you’d like to continue reading, please subscribe!
      Yeah I don’t usually write poetry on newspaper either, haha, but I felt that including that bit would give the greatest sense of unimportance and having been forgotten.

  5. Thanks for sharing your worst poem.

    • 10 Linn

      Haha, no problem 😛 I hope to write more poems soon! (When I have time.)

  6. Lovely poem, moving commentary of social status and the meaning of individuality and cliques. Nice!


  7. I disagree that this was the ‘worst poem in the world’…what makes a poem “acceptable”? Those things you mention are important, yes, but they are not the end-all, be-all of what poetry “is”. And is it poetry because the poet wrote it or because others read it? Please keep writing! 🙂

    • 14 Linn

      That is exactly what I’m trying to convey in this poem. What makes a poem “acceptable”? Who are we to say whether it is acceptable or not? And surely, any poem is already a piece of art on its own! This doesn’t just apply to poems; people experience this problem everyday. Thanks for reading! I will post a new poem soon 🙂

  8. 15 NotATameLion

    1. Advice is the worst thing in the world.
    2. I like your careless thoughts.

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